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In memory of Fernando Guedes Snr

21 June 2018

In memory of Fernando Guedes Snr

Fernando Guedes Snr. passed away on 20th June 2018 at the age of 87.

Fernando joined the Sogrape business, started by his father, as an apprentice in 1952, before going on to study winemaking at the University of Dijon. He returned to Sogrape in 1956 with a degree in Oenology to head the production department, where he rapidly modernised the business, allowing Sogrape the capacity to grow into a globally recognised producer.

Fernando's influence on the success of Sogrape was absolute and his promotion of family values within the business endeared him to all that worked for the company. Even after his retirement, he would often make daily visits to Sogrape’s head office in Avintes.

The management of Sogrape remains in the safe hands of the family who continue his legacy, remaining true to his motto of ‘wine is life’.

The impact of his loss will be felt keenly by all in the Sogrape business.