Vintage Reports

Get the lowdown on harvest conditions across the key Italian wine regions, including our producers' first impressions of the vintage.

2009 Burgundy

2009 was a very good vintage in Burgundy and a relief to the growers after the challenges of 2008

2010 Italy

2010 was a hugely successful year for Italy in the market, as exports grew by almost 10%, yet a more challenging year in the vineyard, where rain made it one of the most difficult vintages in the past decade

2011 Germany

2011 proved to be a vintage of excellent quality for Liberty‘s German producers. That‘s not to say, however, that it was straightforward

2012 New Zealand

The winemakers of Marlborough faced particularly challenging grape growing conditions in the lead-up to the 2012 vintage and crops are 23% down on 2011

2009 Italy

To the question: “How was the vintage in Italy?” the answer should be: “Which Italy?”

The 2009 harvest in Italy was outstanding in places, very good in others and, in a few, challenging at best

2011 Australia

Enormously challenging for some regions, near-perfect conditions for others; 2010/2011 will be remembered as a vintage of marked contrasts.

Download our full Australia vintage report for more information

2011 New Zealand

Matt Thomson, winemaker for Delta Vineyards and consultant to Tinpot Hut, talks about the 2011 in Marlborough.  ‘2001 came after what was the best vintage the region has ever seen for Pinot Noir

Wines of Spain 2012 Vintage report, by Patrica Langton

Indigenous varieties show strength in a year dominated by low rainfall