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Mas Belles Eaux



In 2002, Christian Seely was drawn to the huge potential of the ‘Belles Eaux‘ vineyard, situated in Caux, near Pézenas, in the heart of the Languedoc. Following considerable investment, driven by the experts at Pichon Baron, into the vineyard, cellar and team at Mas Belles Eaux, the property has been completely renovated. It is now producing exciting and expressive reds from the traditional Languedoc varieties - Syrah, Grenache, Carignan and Mourvèdre - that are receiving critical acclaim.
The estate takes its name from the natural springs that are dotted around the ‘Mas‘ (farmstead) and flow into the Peyne river, adding a freshness to the wines. The soil is gravel over red clay and provides excellent drainage, while retaining moisture at depth. the first task undertaken by the new owners was to identify the best sites in the vineyard for each grape variety. The Mourvèdre, for example, was planted  where it would gain optimal exposure to the sun to reach full maturity, whereas the Grenache was planted in the poorer soils in which it thrives.
The new steel and concrete vat-house came into operation in 2008, allowing for micro-vinifications of each variety on each plot giving a broad range of blending options.